Eircodes for Irish address lookup

Validate addresses

Whether you capture addresses on your website or over the phone, getting the right address is key to efficient deliveries and customer communications. Ensure accurate details at the point of entry with Capture+.

Easy integration

Forget massive implementation projects, with our helpful code samples and integrations for major ecommerce and CRM platforms, most customers can integrate our service within minutes.

A better UX

If Irish customers can't find their postcode using your address lookup they'll likely abandon you for a competitor. Capture+ enables faster form completion and a luxury user experience leading to improved conversion rates.


Capture+ from PCA Predict (formerly Postcode Anywhere)

Capture+ is a smarter way to validate addresses. Search on any part of an Irish address, not just the new postcode, and Capture+ suggests results as soon as you start typing. A single click auto-fills the whole address form.

Not just for Irish addresses, Capture+ also works in over 240 countries, correctly formatting international addresses wherever your customer is. Address data is validated against quality data sources including Eircodes, Royal Mail's PAF (UK) and USPS (USA).

Are you ready to capture new Irish addresses?

Two levels of data

As well as the Eircode Address File (ECAF) which contains the Eircode and USP postal address, we can also provide access to the Eircode Address Database (ECAD) with additional data including: alias address information and geo-coordinates.

How much will Eircode data cost?

As Eircodes are one of our premium data sets, they are not included in our standard pricing for Capture+. If you would like details of the setup and licensing prices for Eircode data for use in your business, please contact us using the form here or by calling us.

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