What is Multiple Residence Data?


Royal Mail’s Multiple Residence dataset provides a detailed address structure for properties that sit behind a single front door, for example apartment blocks, university halls of residence and self-contained flats.

By using Royal Mail’s Multiple Residence Data in your address validation tool, you will be able to capture and verify any premise where multiple households share a letter box, ensuring more accurate deliveries first time.


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The Multiple Residence file contains over 700,000 additional addresses not recorded in PAF® meaning that if you’re not using this data set you could be closing your doors on thousands of customers.

With almost a quarter of all housing in the UK being made up of flats, and on average over 2,000 new records  added each month, this data set is crucial for any businesses with customers in large, densely populated areas.


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How much will Multiple Residence data cost?

As Multiple Residence data is one of our premium data sets, it’s not included in our standard pricing for Capture+ and will cost an additional 10% per each address lookup. If you would like details of the setup and licensing prices for Multiple Residence data for use in your business, please contact us using the form here or by calling us.